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Jack Walker jwalker at
Thu Nov 20 15:09:11 EST 2003

Dear fellow listers,
Well there goes another one, I recently crashed my Avant into another vehicle and am having huge troubles getting the insurance company to cough up anything close to replacment value.
We started off at $4500 and have been advancing slowly up to $6500. We started off with them finding a 100 sedan and thought that was the same.

My insurance company has requested I contact a dealer to determine the value of my avant, the local dealer here (Sunset Porsche Audi) doesn't want any part of trying to establish the value of a car they wouldn't even want to put on their lot. Anybody got any advice???

While mine was not pristine, I loved it. It did everything I wanted. I ski a ton during the winter and it worked perfectly for the 65 ski days we had here in the Pacific Northwest this last winter. 4 studded snow tires and you can climb trees. I want another Avant! It is the best car I could ever imagine for all the things I do in my life. I'm also looking for maybe a S6 Avant.

I anticipate buying the car back to have spares for my next one, or perhaps put the 20V into my URQ. Let me know if you need anything. The car was hit in the right front corner trashing the hood, fender, bumber support, valance, headlight and all the stuff underneath. Still runs and drives, the tires rub on the inner fenderwell.

Jack Walker
jwalker at

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