Thule rack feet.

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I don't think you will find one. I went through this same search. A rack
that will fit, and I forgot the name, something like Orvis??, was available
from a place in Canada. I already had a Thule system, so I just got the feet
that hook onto the roof, and that works. The Thule bars just clear the built
in roof rack rails. HTH


I been using a thule foot on my Thule rack for three years, it just screws over the exsisting bars on top of the Avant. Seeing as how I just crashed my Avant I switched the entire set up onto the Jeep Cheerokee bar system they have on the top of that rental car I'm using. Go somewhere ask them to see the foot for a Jeep. Ask them to let you fit the foot onto your rack, all it has to do is fit over the bar on your roof and clamp down tight.
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