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As some of you may already have heard, I have been in an accident with my Avant. Depending on the value we come to as an end result they may total it. Still up in the air at this time.
  My insurance company is, as you could expect, trying to pay me as little as possible and are using the kelly blue book value for my Avant. Seeing as how there are so few vehicles actually for sale in this area, they have no recourse but to use the blue book value. My local dealer Sunset Porsche Audi in Beaverton, Oregon was nice enough to give them the blue book value as the only source of information they have availble to them. I know, I know, wasn't that nice of them! The blue book value of our vehicles in the Northwest is $6500-$7500. Now of course, as some of you who may have purchased an 20020Vs lately may already know they are availble at those prices. However they do generally require a ton of new parts or repairs.
As you may expect I am trying to raise the value.
Any type of information for 91 200 20Vs actually sold or for sale in the Northwestern United States is the only values they can use. Isn't that convient! If anyone has any desire to list their auto in the paper, it would of course be appreciated. Just let me know what I could do to help you... For some reason they can use autos listed and for sale in a paper in the Northwest. If so could you forward any phone numbers, web links, or other information to me either through my email address rather than consume space within the list. I will send to the list the outcome of the search.

I would strongly recommend each of you review your insurance policies to confirm the type of coverage you have. Best to create a stated value based on actual vehicles sold in the US rather than just your local area.  In my case as soon as they made their first offer of $5000 my rental car coverage was discountinued.

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