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Jack Walker jwalker at wy-east.com
Thu Nov 20 15:09:11 EST 2003

Dear Listers

After all was said and done I finally have a check in my hand for a more realistic value for my Avant at $9500.00. I was also able to buy back the totaled vehicle for $500.

After much advice from numerous fellow listers I can offer the following advice:

Be Patient, write everything down. The insurance total loss adjusters didn't like that I reminded them numerous times of previous conversations and followed every thing up to them with faxes.
They seem to like to only write down what they want to remember from conversations, not the entire conversation.
The first offer from an insurance company for a vehicle which has been totalled is pretty funny considering where we end up. Mine started at $5000 and ended at $9500.
Ask to see everything from them in writing so you will be able to remind them of the offers they are making.
You will be surprised how much of a negotation process this is, similar to buying a used car off a lot. The adjuster can't ever make a firm decision regarding any prices there always seems to be someone else he needs to get approval from, course you will never be able to talk to them either.
My insurance company (Safeco) had a pretty long winded telephone prompt system that once I figured how to get past it, I was able to actually discover who the managers in the division were and placed a few calls to them..things really got moving after that happened.
As soon as an insurance company makes an offer for the value of your car most rental car coverage stops and they really don't seem to care about containing costs any more cause they are off the hook for any more rental car coverage.
As soon as the insured and the company disagree on the value most policies have a clause to go to an appraiser, don't be afraid of this cause you have the ability to have your own as well. Keep in mind the insurance companies generally pay these guys wage so they aren't going to just pull a price off the internet for a $15,000 car and present it to your insurance company. However they will take all the information you will be collecting as well.
Go to every web site you can imagine to find comparable values of cars. Most insurance companies want to stay inside a geographical area you reside in to find comparables. Mine was Washington and  Oregon. As soon as a apraiser gets involved he should realise there aren't a lot of comparables in our areas because of the realtive low volume of the vehicles actually made and still in exsistence. The appraiser should open up the eyes of the insurance company via his actual appraisal. The wordage in the appraisals from two appraisers was pretty similar.

Aftermarket gear:
wheels and tires, euroheadlights, ECU mods. The insurance companies don't give a penny more for these type of modifications unless you have substandual documentation to the orginal value of the modification and then they prorate it like tires.

My entire process took 2 1/2 months, I'm not sure who was the most worn down?

Now I just need to get my parts and get going on the repair,
I'm looking for a Hood, Right front fender, inner fender well, a set of Eurolights, the two trim pieces above and below the grille, (my grille is OK) the flat plastic chromed piece on the passenger side, the rubber piece between the grille and the flat chrome piece, A water bottle and the airbox (filter) and a front bumber valance. I'm sure there will be some more pieces as well but this is what I for sure need right away.
Any one with these pieces contact me and we can work out prices and shipment to Oregon.

Jack Walker
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Portland, Oregon  97201
jwalker at wy-east.com
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