Trailer hitches and Hobie Cats

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Regarding the Rack Attack and trailer hitches,
Having had a 18' catamaran, I can't even imagine a Hobie on the top of one of our cars on a Thule or Yakima rack. Although I have had a Laser, two windsurfers and two bikes all on top of my Avant at one time.
Find a custom trailer hitch installer, in Portland, Oregon I have had great luck with Acme Welding. They are a little overkill, but believe me the last thing youwould ever want is a couple of hulls flying down some interstate freeway at 70MPH without attachment to the vehicle. Immediately take the wheel bearings apart and totally replace the entire system with new races and bearings. In this case knowing how to do before you are stuck on the side of a freeway trying to find the wheel that came off is a very cheap insurance policy. In this case 'don't relace if it isn't broke' isn't the best policy. Get an entire wheel and bearing set to keep on the trailer as a spare. In isn't a csae of if, but when!
If you do buy a Hobie Cat join the local fleet, it's like being a part of the 20V list tons of info that the other members are more than willing to share, cause unless you have sailed a cat beore...they are a different beast. Tons of fun, go for it!!

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Hey all,

Thinking about picking up a Hobie Cat and wondering what people have done
for trailer hitches for the 200's.  Tried a google search of the archives.
Maybe I wasn't doing it right, but I would just get a hit would then require
me to scroll through tons of messages to find the "needle."

Derek P

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