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Thu Nov 20 15:09:11 EST 2003

Ditto to this, and most of the time he is the least expensive.  I just did
my timing belt, wp, Idler pulley and crank seal, cost for those parts were
$99 including shipping.  But most important, all the parts were the correct
OEM parts.

Peter Schulz wrote:

Brice/fellow 200 20 owners:

This is really good news for us 200 20v owners, and also a credit to the
ngths that Rod Ramsey will go to for us Audi owners...

Please be sure to give Rod your business....his level of Customer service
I have NEVER been disappointed in 6+ years, and when there was an error,
 took responsibility and expedited corrective action).

Rod has done similar research for us in the past - ensuring that the
t narrow Distributor rotor was sourced from Bosch,-Germany, despite the
t that all US Bosch part sheets spec the same rotor for all I5 10v and

Rod may not always be the least expensive source, but he IS the customer
rvice standard.


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