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Thu Nov 20 15:09:11 EST 2003

In the back of the motor on Cyl #5 the head gasket had failed.
Somehow material or coolant had worked its way into the cylinder,
(I previously saw no white cloud -in exhaust- and no loss of coolant in the
last two months)
where the coolant and/or gasket material? worked into the #5 rings where it
collected until it was too much for the starter (on a weak 10.5V battery
I'll say) to turn the motor over - or at least cyl #5 past top dead center
TDC while starting.

Engine tuner questions:

1.  Can coolant accumulate to achieve this sticking point to prevent motor
from turning over?

2.  Can Gasket material fail and there by "fall" into the cylinder?

3.  Did I experience Hydro-lock not detectable by the dipstick rod because
the seepage was around the rings?

4.  Did the cars orientation of being angled (Nose high) on the ramps for
several weeks contribute to this?

Mechanic said he'd never seen a failure like this in 20 years of working
around Audi/VW motors

-Scott in BOSTON

4.  Alt went out again 2-3 months later.  COnfused with battery issue.
Replaced Alt: Zero miles on it NOW.
Car wouldn't start (while I was performing future maint - injectors)
Replaced starter Not it. Checked wires and cleaned contacts.
Not it.  Bench tested old starter GOOD. Reinstall. Click. No Start no Turn
Read previous thread last two weeks 10V starter woes.
Performed work in garage.  Drove runnig 200 onto two ramps (front wheels).
Turned off car. Replaces items above - injectors (5) -, alt and Starter,
cleaned wire connections.  Found out motor no turn over with 27MM socket on
crank CW or CCW.  Starter teeth good and flywheel teeth look fine when I
replaced the starter four times!  Car currently in NH at Euro Motorsport
awaiting engine tear down for answer.
Cost tear down ~$325 (no answer yet) and AAA tow.

Common theme:  Get AAA  Watch gauges, think!

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