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Thu Nov 20 15:09:11 EST 2003

cars.  I talked with the owner of one and an "Audi" person has looked at th=
e car and said it has "soft" brakes.  Does this mean the bomb needs a

I'm not sure.  Or does this car have UFO's, which I don't know what that
either.  This car has had the timing belt and the radiator replaced.  The o=
wner stated something happened with the fan and fuseblock.  Said the fan
ded the fuseblock which blew it out.  Not sure, but maybe this might mean
hing to someone in the Collective.
    This car may have Fuch five spokes and not the BBS wheels.  Where the F=
uchs a dealer or factory option?  I've asked about the lights too.  I am
ted in the car because it sounds pretty clean for $5,200.  The seat heaters
k as does the 10 disc changer.  It has the Audi phone and the leather is in
shape, not great.  I haven't seen the car yet.  I'll be checking it out this
weekend if it's available.  The color is Pearl White.  I assume the sports =
seats were optional.  This car has the grey leather interior.  Owner says
there i=
s an indicator beep but no display as to why it's beeping.  Any comments.

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