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I have a 91 Avant with Thule bar adapters, just take your car to a ski dealer or cycling shop that carries roof racks and tell them you want an adapter,  I used mine on a Jeep Grand Cherokee as well. Take it out to the wagon and try it, Mine support the Thule or Barrcrafter cross bars very well. If they say they don't have one try the Saab or Volvo rack adapters. I went to the Thule website and it's called the 415 railing foot pack
I saw a friend's 97 Avant with the Audi rack, he paid a smalll fortune for it.

Jack Walker

Just keep on working at it untill you find one. Shouldn't be that hard, jus a little time
I am trying to figure out how to adapt the factory roof rack rails on a '91=
 200 wagon to accept some crossbars that will accept some bicycle mounts an=
d a thule box. I have been told many things by different retailers about wh=
at will work and what won't . I am not fond of racks that have wide metal s=
traps the grab the car by the top of the door panels. It seems that my by m=
y only option. I would like to use the factory rack and audi says nothing a=
vailable. Thule has a 415 kit that looks like it should work great, but the=
 rack place says the tubular rails on the factory rack is too small in diam=
eter for the kit to work. I am thinking about kluging some spacers around t=
he factory rack to mount these but am looking for some BTDT from you guys a=
nd gals.
The factory rack seems substantial enough to do this, any thoughts?
thanx in advance,

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