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Jack Walker jwalker at arscentia.com
Thu Nov 20 15:09:11 EST 2003

Glad to hear the quattrofest was a success last weekend, wish I could have done it. As usual I was at Mt Hood skiing for during most of the weekend. Also glad to hear that A & P was able to help Dave Priebe from Kenmore, Wa. get his window regulator wiring repaired.
If anyone is ever in need of repairs in the Portland area, they should check Alan's services out at A & P. He's always been extremely fair and prompt with any work done on my cars and a number of listers as well. His number is 503)254-7310 and his shop is in SE Portland. There's always something interesting in there.

>>I did have a couple of minor technical issues with my car. Just before lunch
on Saturday, the passenger side window decided to stop working. This made
for a rather cool and wet ride for my instructors for the rest of the
weekend. Luckily I was able to get it repaired very quickly Monday morning
in Portland by A&P Specialties (thanks David), so that I could have a warm
dry drive back to Seattle. Turned out to be the usual, a broken of a ground
wire in the bundle of wires leading from the car to the drivers door.>>

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