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Thu Nov 20 15:09:11 EST 2003

Nokian tires.  While evaluating many '91 200 for sale classifications over
the past 8 months, I noticed many had Nokian tires especially for winter
use in New England area.

I just put a set of Nokians on each of my '91s.
     '91 100 quattro 10v: Nokian P195/65HR15 Hakka NRW; $460 w/installation
     from local independent tire store-Norm's Tire here in Little Canada,
     '91 200 20v tqa: Nokian P205/60R15  WR; $450 w/installation from Keith
     Anderson of Anderson Motorsport here in Chanhassen MN.

I'm told that these Nokians are a all-weather as well as a performance
tire.  They call them 'all-weather plus'.  So far I'm convinced...improved
cornering, less lean in corners, very good handling all around and low
noise level.  I do, however, notice all cracks and pavement imperfections,
which I suppose has to be expected with a tire with these characteristics.
Other all-weather tires I have liked on my 100 quattro were Goodyear Eagles
which I drove year-round (freeway commuting  mostly) for 60k miles.  I
expect a better tire was available back then, from European and Japanese
sources, but I was unfamiliar with their versions.

Hope this helps,
gordy schesel
'91 200 20v tqa, pearlescent white, 102k miles, just acquired in October
from private party in Seattle
'91 100 10v quattro. bamboo color, 190k miles, acquired in late '97 w/119k
'99 camry (wife's car, soon to be for sale)
'96 econoline conversion van (family recreational use only, soon to be for
sale, kids are grown)

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I need to put a set of winter tires on my car this week, and am looking for
suggestions/recommendations. The following are the conditions they will be
 - winter time only (Nov-Mar) in Seattle
 - normal daily commuting
 - just about every weekend to the Cascades
 - stock 15" wheels
 - not looking for high performance or long life

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