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Thu Nov 20 15:09:11 EST 2003


The cat is hereby out of the bag regarding a
consistent source for getting UFOs turned.  I had 6 of
mine done one year/30K miles ago.  The 1st set ran
fine for ~6 mo.  I just mounted the 2nd set last week
and they are running true.  Don in Kansas City had 2
done ~ November and they were still true a month
later, sooooo,

You can get UFOs turned at:

Modern Machine Company
1633 Old Bayshore Highway
San Jose, CA  95112-4305
1 (408) 436-7670
Attn: Ed
Hrs: 7:00 - 5:30 pt

Ed was my contact when my 6 were done on March 3, 1999
(although he wasn't the guy who actually ran the
lathe.)  He'll know to have just enough material
removed to get "100% cleanup", and to stop the inside
cut exactly at the outer edge so as to not nick the
inside of the sheet steel that holds the cast iron
rotor (that would ruin the entire rotor, I believe.)

They removed less than .015" from each of mine (far
less than I expected.)  Bear in mind that the new
spec/wear limits are 25/23mm (.984/.906")
respectively.  Warped UFOs run out of square anywhere
from .002 to .007 TIR (worst I've measured) so a new
UFO is good for a few Wolff-turns before it reaches
its wear limit. They need to be thicker than ~.925 to
be turned without exceeding the wear limit, so
measure before you ship.

Ed should have the tooling from March '99 when he made
it for my UFOs; all he has to do is mount it and take
a skim cut to square it to the lathe axis.  He was
verrry pleasant to deal with (as are so many
machinists I've known.)  Price should be ~$50.00 each
in quantity of 2; maybe less for more.  Call first to
confirm this and shipping arrangements.

However you ship yours, the return shipping price will
be the same as getting them there, so you can add that
to your bill and they'll pay it, or have 'em ship COD
and pay when they return to you.

FWIW, UFOs package neatly two at a time into a 4
gallon paint/stain box that opens on the top (not the
end) with a layer of old carpet padding on the bottom
and between 'em that extends around their edges.  That
works well for hand carrying/delivery and for storage
of spares at home.  If you're shipping 'em from out of
town you could put that box inside another larger one
with foam peanuts or such between the two boxes.  I
don't know how Don packaged his.

I hope that covers everything.  If you can think of
anything I forgot, let me know, and let the list know
if you do this and how it worked out.

Good luck and I hope this lasts,


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