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Thu Nov 20 15:09:11 EST 2003

the alignment set to acceptable camber limits when they are lowered, ie H&R
springs, due to too much negative camber. So in an attempt to correct this,
and introduce more positive camber, I'm going to install the ECS camber
To install them on a type 44 (they were actually designed for the C4 chassis
cars, ECS modified spring perches must be used as well as the C4 strut
bearings and strut mounts.

<<Can the camber plates be installed after I do all of the strut work,
without removing the assemblies a second time?>>

I have not even looked at the plates yet, but from what I understand the
strut will have to be removed from the car. I believe the only part of this
that can be replaced from up top is the strut mount.

The positive side to deciding to wait and do all this at once is that the C4
strut mounts are considerably cheaper than the ones for the 200q20v (if you
thought of replacing them) and the bearings cost the about the same as those
for our cars(of course this assumes you were planning to replace your old
bearings rather than cleaning and regreasing). I sourced the parts from Rod
at TPC, strut mounts for $32 each, and the strut bearings were $11 each.

<<Oh - what are you running in the rear.>>

I have H&R springs and Bilstein sport on both front and rear.

Hope this helps,

Steve Hauptmann
South Carolina

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