WGFV, aka N75 valve

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I read that the letter designation is more than manufacturer or connector orientation.  There are tons of posts of people trying to get the perfect N75 valve, and they are posting that the differences are quite noticeable.

If you look here, there is a made in Monaco "J" valve:



I suppose I can dig up the post I read that discussed how exactly these valves differ.  It might be in the speed of their response, either in closing or opening or both.

I'll post it if I find it.  Too bad the list was down when I was obsessing over this.


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> >
> >I supposedly have a new one coming in, but I was wondering what the 
> >lists experience with this valve is.  Do they fail often?
> >
> >My internet searching for info on this valve turned up with a world 
> >of stuff about the 1.8t folks changing their valves to different 
> >part numbers to get more boost.  ECS offers a "H" valve with the 
> >part number removed apparently (H is stock for ur-S4/S6's).
> >
> >My 200q20v initially had an "F" valve in it, but the replacement I'm 
> >told is a "J" valve, which is another version used by some 1.8t 
> >peeps.  I guess some setups require one valve over another due to 
> >spiking or triggering the check engine light or limp home mode.
> >
> >Has anyone had to change theirs, or maybe experimented with using a 
> >different part number than the stock one?
> >>AFAIK, the operation of this valve is simply a matter of being 
> >>fully ON or OFF, with the ECU controlling the ON/OFF duty cycle 
> >>(%). So I wonder how "more boost" can be accomplished by modifying 
> >>the valve. I suppose the valve could possibly be made more robust. 
> >>Does it fail often? Well, they probably go at least 100K--is that 
> >>often? I replaced my original (I assume) WGFV about 3 yrs ago, at 
> >>about 120K. It appears to have been an "F". I've lost the label 
> >>from the replacement package, so can't say what version I have now.
> Ah, I just found that little scrap of label: it's the "J" version.
> BTW, the old "F" valve was made in Monaco, whereas the latest valve 
> is made in France. I suppose that could account for the change in the 
> p/n (version).
> ;-)
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