91 Avant Shock Recommendations

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Thu Nov 20 19:42:48 EST 2003

> From: Eric_R_Kissell at whirlpool.com
> I just put Koni Sports (yellow) on my 1991 200q 20v.
> These are what Koni calls out for the 1991 200q 20v.  They are adjustable,
> so you can set the amount of damping. I initially set them at 50%, but I
> will probably pull them and turn them up to 75% because the current
> setting is not enough IMO.
What's this 50% and 75%?  Are you talking percentages of the full rebound
adjustment range, about 3.5 turns of the piston rod?  If so, you are running
way overdamped relative to the optimum, critical damping.  Apparently not
understanding the function of damping in a resonant spring/mass system.
> Prices? 
> Front: Koni 86-1249 Sport       $118.66 each
> Rear: Koni 80-2630 Sport        $89.00 each
> I have Boge Turbogas on my 1989 200q Avant (FOR SALE - make offer) and I
> like these for that car. Well controlled but not harsh.
> I have Bilsteins on my 1986 5000cstq sedan and I like these on that car.
> Slightly stiffer than the Boges on the 1989 but not harsh IMO.  I had
> these in the 1989 briefly, but the wife said she wanted slightly less
> stiffness, so out they came and in went the Boges.
Not the correct term.  No shock adds stiffness to the resonant mechanical
system of sprung weight.

> I do not understand why Blau claims you need something special for the
> rear of the Avants.  What is so special about what they offer? As far as I
> can tell, whatever fits the sedans will also fit the Avants. If you want
> more damping, you can go with adjustable yellow or red Konis and turn them
> up or the Bilsteins seemed plenty stiff for my taste. The Boge Turbogas
> does fine as well.
> HTH,
> Eric Kissell
> 1991 200q 20v Avant, Koni Sports (yellow), Ebay Surprise
> 1989 200q 10v Avant, 1.8 Bar, Boge Turbogas - FOR SALE
> 1986 5000cstq Sedan, 1.8 Bar, Bilstein HD
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