Engine Running Warmer

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Thu Nov 20 22:10:55 EST 2003

As part of my total replacement of the coolant system, I naturally replaced
the thermostat, MFTS and the other coolant sensor for the after run pump.
Only thing I retained was the sensor in the main radiator.  Local Audi tech
(been at it 30 years) said he almost never sees one of these fail.  They're
pretty pricey too.  

Anyway, the car used to run with the gauge pointer just above the first
(light) mark except when in stop-and-go circumstances, when the radiator
fan would come on intermittently and the gauge pointer would get to the
middle of the scale.

Now, the car runs with the pointer just above the second (heavy) mark.  I
assume my old thermostat had enough corrosion to limit its amount of
closing down, so it remained more open than the new one does.

I also noticed when I first started the car with the climate control on
"auto" that the radiator fan comes on immediately, even though the ambient
air temperature was below the range where A/C would function.  I don't
remember it doing this previously.  Was my old MFTS partly nonfunctional?
Or is it just my memory?   Radiator fan doesn't come on when CC is set to
"Econ" unless, of course, the engine is really warm from idling in traffic
or something.

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