Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Thu Nov 20 23:13:02 EST 2003

I wouldn't give up the auxiliary radiator if I lived in Florida.  Sounds
like you're trying to get greater performance from the car too.  I
especially wouldn't reduce cooling capacity if I were modifying things for
greater performance.

At 06:47 PM 11/20/2003 -0800, bill bleiler wrote:
>Thanks for the quick responces.  Do you guys think I
>could epoxy the crack? its not that bad, dosent really
>leak until under preasure or i pull on the hose from
>the aux radiator.  Looking at new ones, seems to cost
>around 270 + shipping and the 10 style w/o the aux
>radiator is around 170 or so.  This raises a new
>question. I have an extra intercooler that i am going
>to make end caps for to put under the stock one, but
>the aux radiator is in the way.....so do you think
>that it would be bad to eliminate the aux radiator? I
>live in florida but the 200 never runs hot, not even a
>little....and on cool nights it actually runs very
>cool.....so it dosents seem to me like losing the aux
>radiator would be that big a deal....what do you guys

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