Custom ECU programming.

Mihnea Cotet mik at
Fri Nov 21 11:11:13 EST 2003

Hi Chris,

It's a good thing that the lists/server have moved as the mail delivery is 
on again without any need from my side to do anything. I had at some point 
set to "no mail" because of my numerous tuning trips to France/UK that 
didn't leave me enough time to read the list mail, never mind contribute to 

Well, those injectors are quite heavy, 42lb is what I'm using on ~450-ish 
crank HP cars (read 380+ at the wheels), so if you're staying with the 
stock turbo, these ones are a bit overkill quite frankly. Please send me a 
private email with your exact setup and I'll try to get you sorted, even if 
you still have the stock turbo on the car.



At 05:08 21/11/2003 -0800, Chris Payne wrote:
>Okay, I'd like to start out this round of modding on my 1991 200 Avant 
>with a new set of injectors, but I've been told that I'll need to have a 
>chip or ECU that can drive them.  They are 42 lbs. injectors (heavy, huh? 
>:)) and of course, I'd also like the standard upgrade that all the 20V 
>cars normally from Ned or anyone else.
>Perhaps Minhea could help me out on this?
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