Help! Shifting Woes only 3rd and 4th work!

Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at
Sat Nov 22 20:02:37 EST 2003

  Pop your hood and check the linkage from the shifter rod to
the Transmission Shaft.  Its on the driver side, roughly under
your Hydraulic Resivoir (or on a 5kq it would be, not sure where
the resivoir is on 200q 20v's)  Basically its just under the
clutch slave cyl.  Its a round shaft out of the tranny.  The
linkage attaches over this.  IF that screw backs out or breaks,
then you will lose most of your shifting ability.  Check that
area for play.  It could also be that one of the linkage arms AT
the TRANNY has broken or popped off its ball joint so check them
  Good Luck.  20'vs use a different transmission so hopefully
the linkage is the same as I described above.  Could be
differetn though.  

--- Joshua C <smuckycat at> wrote:
> Today I decided to do some shopping, first thing I notice is
> that it takes a 
> few tries to get into reverse...and I think it's odd, but it
> gets there so 
> maybe it was just me... everything else shifting wise is fine,
> action seems 
> ok, no grinding...nothing out of the ordinary to me.   Then
> next thing, 
> first and second gear are inoperational, I got it in once,
> then headed 
> straight home in 3rd.   So the only gears that are accesable
> are third and 
> fourth.  No reverse, I assume no fifth ( I didn't really want
> to head to the 
> highway in this condition just to test fifth), no first or
> second.   I pryed 
> up the boot and removed the knob...having never done that
> before nothing 
> looks obviously broken in there ( although there could be worn
> parts...but 
> again not seeing it when it was operational....).  There is a
> lot of black 
> rubber dust from the degrading boot in the mechanism, but I
> don' suspect 
> this as a culprit.  Tommorow morning my brother and I will be
> trying to 
> diagnose the watching under the car at the
> selector rod 
> connections etc..
> Does this problem sound familiar to anyone?    Any ideas? 
> Please let me 
> know.
> thanks-Josh
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