Waaay OT NAC accounting software????

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Mon Nov 24 09:40:22 EST 2003

We've been using a DOS-based accounting program for our baby blanket
business that we had custom-written for us years ago by a guy who used
Clipper.  We're having some issues regarding changing letterhead data in
the statements forms, and we're also concerned that the next time we need
to replace a computer, we won't be able to run this program.

So we're looking for a new software compatible with WinXP that allows for
things like logos in the letterhead and lets us pick and choose what
features we employ.  We don't need typical small business financial reports
and things like check writing/recording.  We just need to enter orders with
multiple product pricing, print shipping documents and print statements,
routinely as well as be able to generate account lists based on data like
Zip Codes.

I tried Quicken and found it totally useless for our purposes.  Way too
many "features" and lack of customization.

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