Timing belt job and missing clip for crosspipe to intercooler

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Mon Nov 24 18:02:56 EST 2003

> From: Eric_R_Kissell at whirlpool.com

> 3. I cannot find any mark on the flywheel associated with TDC
> > 
> Can anyone comment as to why I cannot see a mark on the flywheel? I slowly
> turned the engine and looked at an entire rotation of the flywheel but I
> could not find a mark anywhere.  I put it back together in the same spot
> that I found it set, but I would really like to know that the flywheel is
> in the right location.

A more considered method might have been to locate both the cam and crank
timing marks before removing the old belt.
It's there, juat a single rusty scribed line.

FYI, I'll fwd to you my distributor alignment procedure.


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