Shifting Woes only 3rd and 4th work! Fixed!

Joshua C smuckycat at
Mon Nov 24 20:06:09 EST 2003

I fixed it!  What it was in my case was the selector rod (top rod when 
looking into the boot area) the clamp had loosened and moved out of 
position, I could see this because silver metal was exposed rather then the 
black and rust.  I removed the clamp bolt, a real bitch by the way on ramps, 
13 mm wrench on top of bolt and a flex 13mm ratchet on the nut and cleaned 
it up (would have replaced if it wasn't Sunday night.  then  I put the 
tranny in neutral (from below) and positioned the shifter in neutral (rod 
moves inside itself unclamped) and tightened the bolt, test drive, works as 
good as new.

Hope this is your issue as opposed to slave cylinder, doesn't look like fun 
to get at.

Joshua Cummings

From: SuffolkD at
To: 200q20v at
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Subject: Re: Shifting Woes  only 3rd and 4th work!
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2003 01:25:59 EST

Hmmmmmmmmm.  I just posted about this same thing happening.
I'm going on a limb here and saying Slave cylinder and bleed clutch.
Think I'm going to do the same.
-Scott by BOSTON

In a message dated 11/23/2003 8:11:58 PM Eastern Standard Time,
200q20v-request at writes:

 > Today I decided to do some shopping, first thing I notice is that it 
 > a
 > few tries to get into reverse...and I think it's odd, but it gets there 
 > maybe it was just me... everything else shifting wise is fine, action 
 > ok, no grinding...nothing out of the ordinary to me.   Then next thing,
 > first and second gear are inoperational, I got it in once, then headed
 > straight home in 3rd.   So the only gears that are accesable are third 
 > fourth.  No reverse, I assume no fifth ( I didn't really want to head to 
 > highway in this condition just to test fifth), no first or second.   I 
 > up the boot and removed the knob...having never done that before nothing
 > looks obviously broken in there ( although there could be worn 
 > again not seeing it when it was operational....).  There is a lot of 
 > rubber dust from the degrading boot in the mechanism, but I don' suspect
 > this as a culprit.  Tommorow morning my brother and I will be trying to
 > diagnose the watching under the car at the selector rod
 > connections etc..
 > Does this problem sound familiar to anyone?    Any ideas?  Please let me

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