Hard starting, white smoke and dying on deceleration

Chris Payne cbpldc at AudiFan.com
Tue Nov 25 08:10:49 EST 2003

I've got a '91 200 Avant.  When I bought the car it always started hard, but as of late, it has been dying after running a while when you come to a stop.  I checked my injectors, they all seem to be firing (listened with stethoscope) and they all Ohmed out the same.  

Now when the car finally starts, it is accompanied with plenty of white smoke from the tail pipe and you have to step on the gas to get it to stay running for the first second or so.  Otherwise it just stumbles around for a bit.

Any ideas of where to start?  MFTS?

On a side note, the fuse that runs to the Rad fan had a massive blowout and gave my buddy second degree burns on his arm while he was under the hood.  Could this be a symptom, culprit, or completely different issue?


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