Ok, I've read all I can (archives etc.) and am still confused...

Ingo D. Rautenberg ingo at waratap.com
Tue Nov 25 16:38:14 EST 2003

Don't feel too confused.  Both have been done, though the later (92-95 Ur
S4/S6) hubs and associated parts were used by dealerships for Audi of
America official up/down-grades (depending on whom to talk to on this list)
to keep track width on par with original.  Rotors must go with proper hubs
(S4/S6 deeper than 200/5ktq).  Sounds like correct UrS4/S6 brake/front end
pieces were used.


'91 200q20v...Slightly modified
'84 Tornado Red Urquattro
'91 v8 quattro 5-Speed (not exactly stock) :-)

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> Sorry to bring this up I'm sure but,
>  I am confused -
>  Were UFO's replaced with the earlier 5K /89-90 200 brake system or were
> they replaced with the later S car system and/or is there a difference?
> caliper is the G60 - ok but -Is the rotor the same?  Are the pads the
> I have the work order for my car - ufos replaced in 1993 at 22K miles with
> "brake Kit -   441 498 615"
> The local dealer told me that this number is no longer valid...
> He also told me that all the numbrs in the parts list for the modified
> reference to the later S/A cars for both the rotors and pads - not the 5K
> Whats the deal here?
> TIA!
> Nat
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