Hard starting, white smoke and dying on deceleration

Mike Sylvester msylvester at verizon.net
Wed Nov 26 16:59:59 EST 2003


Interesting order in which to trouble shoot.
You surmise that he may have a bad head gasket, but want him to fix the TBV
IMHO. If he has a bad head gasket,  the TBV can wait.

When it comes to smoke:

blue = oil
black =  fuel
white =  coolant

Blue and white can be tough to distinguish by eye but not by smell.

Mike Sylvester

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> >Volks,
> >I've got a '91 200 Avant.  When I bought the car it always started
> >hard, but as of late, it has been dying after running a while when
> >you come to a stop.
> Bad turbo bypass valve, or the line to the valve is shot.
> >On a side note, the fuse that runs to the Rad fan had a massive
> >blowout and gave my buddy second degree burns on his arm while he
> >was under the hood.  Could this be a symptom, culprit, or completely
> >different issue?
> If the fan was seized and the car overheated and blew the head
> gasket, yeah,  I guess...maybe...
> One thing at a time- fix the TBV.
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