Turbo afterrun system question

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Wed Nov 26 17:59:22 EST 2003

At 5:31 PM -0500 11/26/03, feelstranger wrote:
>If I have a new temp switch and the system still does not run when the car
>is shut down after it was allowed to heat up until the fan clicked on - can
>I assume that the relay is bad?  Or is there something else I should look
>BTW fan and pump run when the switch contacts are bridged.

Some (many?) of these cars seem to have afterrun systems that 
characteristically work regularly _only_ during fairly warmish 
weather (70-80 F or above ambient temps) and almost never work in 
cold/cool seasons. For most of us, warm weather ain't happenin' now, 
unfortunately. My afterrun was one that worked in warm weather only, 
so I replaced the switch earlier this year, but there was little 
change in the behavior--possibly a slight "improvement".

It's possible  that the afterrun switches have poor quality control 
(i.e., large variability in the set point temp), or perhaps the 
afterrun relay has a tendancy to be (or to become) "out of spec", 
whatever that may mean.  What's left? Well, I suppose wiring harness 
faults, or even car-to-car differences in engine/turbo cooling 
efficiency. A great mystery, but one not to fret much about unless 
you find that your afterrun _never_ functions. Then there's always 
the old work-around of allowing 30-60 seconds of idling before 
switching off the engine whenever the turbo has been pushed hard. 
Good time to meditate, take deep breaths.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


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