Wheel/Tire Combo ?

Wed Nov 26 18:41:27 EST 2003


I have recently been given access to a set of 16" A4 7-point sport package wheels.  I researched the archives and my consensus is that, in fact, these wheels with whatever offset they have, will bolt up to a G60'd 200 without need of spacers.  {Anyone want to verify that statement, again...not to rehash this issue}

My question, is whether anyone is running this set up with the A4 wheels and what your opinions are.  I know that these weigh in at or around 20 pounds each, which is probably 25% more than the forged BBS (if not more).  I am curious to see if anyone had noticed any decrease in acceleration, performance, etc.  Of course, I am looking into this upgrade mostly due to the lack of high performance tire options in the 15"x7.5" realm, and the great cost with high performance tires in this size.  Versus, there appears to be huge assortment of 16" high performance tires, which when added to the 200, would appear to lessen any disadvantage in weight and at least cancel out any loss with the benefit of great grip, good handling, etc.  

In addition, I will also be given access to a set of 225-50-16 tires (urS4 spec) tires.  I know they will mount on the A4 wheel, but will have more of a plus 1 appearance.  Does anyone have any experience running this size tire on the A4 size rim on the 200?   I am a bit concerned with any rub with tie rod ends, but don't know for sure.  I would like to get some opinions before I have them mounted up.  

Thanks in advance for the input!!! 


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