Hard starting, white smoke and dying on deceleration

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Thu Nov 27 09:09:33 EST 2003

Last night, we did some maintenance.  T-stat had some nasty build up behind it.  Drained and flushed the coolant system and there was a funky mixture of green and pink coolant along with some other nasty looking "Diarhea-water".  Refilled with correct, phosphate free coolant, new t-stat, new fan switch and new MFTS.  We also determined that my after run pump does not work, there's something for later.  We also did block test in the coolant bottle to detect exhaust gases in the coolant and the test turned up negative, so no blown HG.

Also discovered that whenever boost is applied through the system, the dipstick likes pop out of it's tube, so we swapped it with another that wasn't missing it's O ring.  I would like to think that this is the reason that the car was dying.  WOuld that be a correct assumption?

When draining the oil, we disovered that it smelled greatly of fuel, so I'm now convinced that the hard starting issue is caused by over fueling.  Now, when Ohming out my injectors they all read a solid 16.4-16.7 ohms.  Is this a correct figure, or should I look at my FPR as the possible culprit?


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Interesting order in which to trouble shoot.
You surmise that he may have a bad head gasket, but want him to fix the TBV
IMHO. If he has a bad head gasket,  the TBV can wait.

When it comes to smoke:

blue = oil
black =  fuel
white =  coolant

Blue and white can be tough to distinguish by eye but not by smell.

Mike Sylvester

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> >Volks,
> >I've got a '91 200 Avant.  When I bought the car it always started
> >hard, but as of late, it has been dying after running a while when
> >you come to a stop.
> Bad turbo bypass valve, or the line to the valve is shot.
> >On a side note, the fuse that runs to the Rad fan had a massive
> >blowout and gave my buddy second degree burns on his arm while he
> >was under the hood.  Could this be a symptom, culprit, or completely
> >different issue?
> If the fan was seized and the car overheated and blew the head
> gasket, yeah,  I guess...maybe...
> One thing at a time- fix the TBV.
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