Wheels/Tire Combo ?

Bernie Benz b.benz at charter.net
Thu Nov 27 14:18:10 EST 2003

> From: "JOSEPH TICHY" <JOSEPHTICHY7448 at msn.com>
> I entered a comparison of the stock tires and the 16's with 225-50-16 tires
> and it appears to be a wash for the speedo:  60 stock will read 59.3.  [the
> speedo reading will be 59.3 too for the A4 tire size of 215-55-16, which makes
> sense seeing how the 225-50 series is merely a plus one over 215-55]
And just how do you easily check the speedo readings with different tire

A more considered method might be to check the odometer over a 5 mile
roadside measured course.  You may well find that the stock tire size does
not give the correct odometer reading, hence you can adjust your new tire
size to correct this error.  Once you get this right, you can then measure
the speedo time error over the same course at an indicated 60 MPH and
calculate the % error.


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