Help me, Obi Wan Kenobi; You,re my only hope

Ben Gibby jordad at
Sun Nov 30 17:02:46 EST 2003

A while back, I asked for advice about an alternator not charging. Well, I finally had time to check all the usual suspects and I found the field wire was not putting the proper current into the alt. Replaced wire, no change. Replaced instrument panel, nothing. Replaced positive wire from alt to starter and battery, ground wire at battery and engine ground, nothing. Alt is fairly recently rebuilt, new battery, etc.
Thanks Phil and Shawn for the your responses the first time, I hope some more people have some BTDT that will help.  
I appeal to the Audi Gods and all the preists on the list, Help please!!  Get more from the Web.  FREE MSN Explorer download :

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