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> Don't worry
> about rotor wear, they are good for many times the spec limit.  I've never
> changeed one yet because of wear.  Rotors all tend to wear true and
> therefore are superior to a new, untrue on your car, rotor.  Don't replace!

 Although I agree in principle with Bernie in this case I'd like to add a
word of caution.

 Some states have an annual safety inspection, VA for instance. Take a car
through a VA inspection showing rotor wear and the rotor will get mic'd, if it's
past the wear limit it will be failed, period. VA also inspects for the
amount of pad remaining and in this case if the pads are worn past the indicator
groove it fails the inspection.

 In MD if you bring a car into the state it must undergo a one time safety
inspection before it can be tagged...... and all 4 corners will get mic'd no
matter how good they look, if any rotor is past the wear limit you get no tags
till the offending part(s) are replaced and the vehicle passes another


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