Car Fax Request and wiring fun

Frank Stadmeyer stadmef at
Mon Sep 1 22:02:28 EDT 2003


Does anyone know of a free Car Fax account?  I'd like to look up a 2000
Passat that my wife wants.
I know It's not an AUDI but it's better than that baaS she's been driving!

Mandatory Audi content,
I spent the weekend chasing instrument cluster problems in my son's '89
100Q.  It started with lightly glowing turn signals and ended with a
flash.  I quit while I was behind and called Chris Semple to get another IC
and we'll see what went up with the flash. A quick lesson in wiring
diagrams and I'll be all set.  Good thing I have all the way until next
Sum. before my son needs to go back to school with the car!


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