[s-cars] Radiator cooling fan won't run

Bjørn Ødegård beernuts at online.no
Mon Sep 1 12:42:14 EDT 2003

Nope, not sulfur. Just like you try to burn a piece of rubber.. I've
looked again, and the smell is definately from the hot side, of the
engine, but I can't locate it when it's hot down there. May be a small
piece of the turbo to x-over hose that I had to trim because of the
larger K26 housing, but i can't see anything lying around on the hot
parts.. Guess I have to get it on the ramps or something..

Thanks anyway!

Bjorn  :o)
'92 S4
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> > Btw, why does it smell like burnt rubber from a fresh RS2
> Ie, sulfur?  When you get on the gas?  If so, you're running too rich,
> that's the catalytic converter.
> Brett

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