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Tue Sep 2 02:05:29 EDT 2003

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Dave & list:
I may have to go this route also.
Q:  Can the clutch bleed itself?
Q2:  Can you please document your slave/Clutch Master cyl repair with dig
photos and a short write up on how you did it?
I just had this experience at the Watkins Glen track:
"Clutch went south during laps. 
Lost clutch after the next turn #5 (chute to the boot) downshifting from 4 -
I was chasing an RS-6!
All engine vitals were normal just prior to losing clutch.
Noticed Pentosin, 1" down below add mark.  Topped off.
Let car cool for 24 hours.  Nothing.... Then I drove it to go home, start off
in second -
by the exit I could get all the gears (previously, I could get grinds or 2-3
only sporadically)
Pissed a month's worth of 93 octane through it for ~8 laps. :-("
-Scott in BOSTON -shoulda checked that fluid more closely!

>What is the level of difficulty for changing the clutch master cylinder?
I consulted my trusty Bentley, which doesn't have a specific procedure
for doing it. It just has an illustration of it. It looks fairly
straight forward, other than it is in a hard to reach place. Any

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