Rear Brakes

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Tue Sep 2 17:41:27 EDT 2003

My tool is an old 1 1/8 inch socket, trimmed with a hack saw, leaving a
couple 'ears' the width of the piston notches. Worked great, and cost me
nuttin'.  Course it will cost me a few bucks if I ever need that socket

Gary Martin
94 UrS4
91 200 TQA

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> >I have the Harbor Freight rear disc brake toolset that has the
> >perfect fittings for Audi rear brakes. Problem is, after shipping
> >and handling, it's $50. But has tools for many, many cars, not just
> >Audi.
> Not much of a problem when you consider the time saved and cost of new
> boots when you
> rip them because the slip joint pliers slipped while trying to turn the
> pucks.  (and of course shop labor rates)
> Very nice kit from  Item # Ap 7860  $36.50 before
> shipping.  S&H often free for orders over $100.
> Mike
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