Car Fax Request and wiring fun

Frank Stadmeyer stadmef at
Tue Sep 2 23:15:59 EDT 2003

BTDT 2x's on 2 cars.

First on my '91 200Q (Still working but I've had 1 reoccurrence of the
gibberish MFD)
Did this car once before not too long ago and the area wasn't looking too
good when I got to it.  This time It had a pretty good melt down of where
those 2 pins that the PCB cracks at go through and the board was welded to
the gauge holder.  A little too much force and ...Voila  it was broken !

OK, we know how to do this, get out the soldering iron and the 24 ga. wire
and start the bypass surgery.  When it was all done I stuck it in and the
turn signals worked just fine but none of the instruments did. Great, out
it came, looked it all over found nothing. Put back in and as I put one of
the connectors on shortly after I thought I saw a small flash from
somewhere behind and below the center A/C vents.  I pulled it out and
started the car, all the stuff works , lights, HVAC, def, .  Subsequent
investigation found the fuse to the IC blown.  That's probably why the
guages didn't work the first time.  When I reassembled it the 2nd time
something must have gone in the wrong place or pinched through the
insulation and shorted.  Chris Semple shipped me a new IC today. Let's hope
the flash was either A. A figment of my imagination, or B. Something of no

BTW, anybody need a winter car?

We're probably going to sell this car.  My wife is getting the Passat
tomorrow and she wants to saddle my son with the BaaS.

"89 100 Q 207k Black/Black Runs Good Paint good but a few dings.  The
headliner has come off the sunroof. Has euros. Tires have good tread.  New
brakes.  Just gone over by my mechanic to get ready for my so to take to
school.  If I get it fixed in time, he'll take it to Rochester, NY, this
Sun.  I need to fix a few things on the BaaS (exhaust leak, rust on the
roof (?), and the headlights are way sandblasted)  as soon as I get that
done I'll switch with him and the car will be available.  Thanksgiving at
the latest.

Location is either Rochester, NY or Hartford CT

Make me an offer.

  At 11:57 PM 9/1/2003, Brett Dikeman wrote:

> > Mandatory Audi content,
> > I spent the weekend chasing instrument cluster problems in my son's '89
> > 100Q.  It started with lightly glowing turn signals and ended with a
> > flash.  I quit while I was behind and called Chris Semple to get another IC
> > and we'll see what went up with the flash. A quick lesson in wiring
> > diagrams and I'll be all set.  Good thing I have all the way until next
> > Sum. before my son needs to go back to school with the car!
>Glowing turn signals(usually only with the headlights or highbeams on- can
>also be accompanied by a dead/darkened trip computer display) is the infamous
>cracked solder joint.  Top of the PCB, right over the speedo.  Easily fixed
>either by solder(semi-temporary repair, good for another 100K) or running a
>new wire or two between solder points(permanent repair)- no new IC needed,
>unless you're positive you fried something(and even then, it may only be the
>voltage regulator, which is easily replaced).  The instructions have been
>linked to many times in posts to the 200q20v list- I think Chris Miller's page
>probably also has a link to them.

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