violent bucking when reaching 1 bar boost

bill bleiler b_ill78 at
Wed Sep 3 04:43:30 EDT 2003

Well thanks for all the advice guys, got up early this
morning and the car was fine....only thing i can think
of is heat it is hot here in florida and the car was
fine till i was almost home, thus i think it could be
heat related, thus plugs/ wires/ distributor,none of
these i have replaced since ive had the car... about
35k miles.  as for a boost leak i doubt it... all of
the components are new. 2 samco hoses, new intercooler
w/seal, new clamps, new hose on the top of the motor,
i have had a boost leak that grew from mild to severe
and this is a much more violent bucking than what i
was experiencing when i had a boost leak.  the hose
going to the wastegate could be the culprit, although
i dont know how that would fit into the cold= works
fine, no hesitations  and hot  = cuts out at 9
lbs...but i at least have a few good things to check
up on now....if the plugs/wires were bad would that be
influenced by the temp of the engine/ outside
air....thanks again for all your help.

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