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Steve Scalmanini sscalmanini at
Wed Sep 3 06:55:13 EDT 2003

Were these vented batteries like the stock ones or sealed, maintenance-

Shane, if yours was (supposedly) vented, have you actually checked the
vent?  They close with age from the force of a bent-over sheet metal
clamp (that routes it over the rear axel, on the underside of the body)
pressing over the (vinyl?) vent tube as the plastic ages/weakens over
the years.  BTDT; posted it a few years ago.  Have to bend the sheet
metal open a little with a looooong screwdriver (~ 18-24 ") or such.

Test by simply blowing through the battery end (with a straw, silly,
not with your lips directly on the vent tube).


PS: ' never heard of Douglas batteries; they new?


This just happened to me in my V8q.  WHAT A FRIGGEN MESS.  No more excide
batteries for me (3 rd one to explode in 3 different cars).  Only Douglas
batteries from now on.


Bay Area, CA

Patient was a 1992 Infiniti G20 owned by a friend of my wife's.
She went to leave our house, turned the ignition key which was
followed by a loud BOOM and smoke from under the hood.

I opened the hood to find the vent caps missing from the battery,
the top of the case cracked open and the stench of sulphur.  If
it had not been for the "over the case" battery clamp, the whole
top would surely have blown off.

The battery was a Nissan oem battery, After I liberally washed
the area around the battery with baking soda and water, we were
able to find a replacement at a nearby Autozone...

I shudder to think what might have happened if this battery had
been under the rear seat, as in one of my Avants.
... snip ...

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