Mike Del Tergo mdeltergo at hotmail.com
Wed Sep 3 14:12:40 EDT 2003

do yourself a favor and pull the codes before going on a witch hunt.  My
personal guess it one of the many vacuum l.ines going from the IM to the
ECU.  Replace them all if they are questionable, but again, start with the
codes, can't be great to have let this go for 2years..

From: bill bleiler <>
Subject: violent bucking when reaching 1 bar boost

hey guys, from the first day i had my 20v almost 2
years ago from time to time under high boost it would
violtenly buck once and when you let off and boosted
it back up again it was fine.  this has happend more
and more frequently, never knowing what it was i just
figured it was a weird thing and would be somthing i
would have to deal with.  Well last week i went ahead
and put a 3" exaust on with a 2.5 inch down pipe, then
this problem started to happen more frequently till
today whent it must have broke although i still dont
know what the problem is....now whenever i get to
about 10 psi of boost it will buck violently if in
first, but if in higher gears and thus more momentum
it will just pulse rapidly with the boost dropping
about 2 lbs with each pulse...right now i am thinking
something with the wastegate...any other ideas....

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