NAC possibly: Lister sighting?

SuffolkD at SuffolkD at
Wed Sep 3 23:21:45 EDT 2003

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Hey, if Brett occasionally has one I'd figure I'd post one.

Last week Saturday Aug 23 NY "upstate" Rt 28 west: outside of Old Forge in
the Adirondacks.
Copper color (Audi earth tones) '91 20V with other assorted German cars at a
home alongside the road.

No other 200 20V at the Watkins Glen track Mon-Tuesday. There was an RS6.

Sunday, Aug 31 in VT route 4, I caught a V8 "nearly" identical to my Pearl
He was so inclined to wind it up through the twisties.  He stopped (me) to
ask info about the cars, so I gave him the NEQ track book (from the Glen) and
gave him the audifans site to join.
He owns a Sushi place in Lake Placid New York and had sooo much enthuisaim
towards his "new to him" V8.  A lister kind of guy.
-Scott in BOSTON
P.S. for the island(s)  Saw 3 Audis in Hawaii back in May.

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