Click>>>BOOM...yes Virginia, batteries can and do explode! NAC

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Douglas has been around forever.  Matter of fact, they are OEM on Audi, MBZ,
VW and BMW.  Made here in the USA and sent to Europe.  Do a search on the

Yeah, mine was vented and NOT bent or kinked.


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> Subject: Click>>>BOOM...yes Virginia, batteries can and do explode! NAC
> Were these vented batteries like the stock ones or sealed, maintenance-
> free?
> Shane, if yours was (supposedly) vented, have you actually checked the
> vent?  They close with age from the force of a bent-over sheet metal
> clamp (that routes it over the rear axel, on the underside of the body)
> pressing over the (vinyl?) vent tube as the plastic ages/weakens over
> the years.  BTDT; posted it a few years ago.  Have to bend the sheet
> metal open a little with a looooong screwdriver (~ 18-24 ") or such.
> Test by simply blowing through the battery end (with a straw, silly,
> not with your lips directly on the vent tube).
> Steve
> Ukiah
> PS: ' never heard of Douglas batteries; they new?
> =========================================================================
> This just happened to me in my V8q.  WHAT A FRIGGEN MESS.  No more excide
> batteries for me (3 rd one to explode in 3 different cars).  Only Douglas
> batteries from now on.
> Shane
> Bay Area, CA
> =========================================================================
> Patient was a 1992 Infiniti G20 owned by a friend of my wife's.
> She went to leave our house, turned the ignition key which was
> followed by a loud BOOM and smoke from under the hood.
> I opened the hood to find the vent caps missing from the battery,
> the top of the case cracked open and the stench of sulphur.  If
> it had not been for the "over the case" battery clamp, the whole
> top would surely have blown off.
> The battery was a Nissan oem battery, After I liberally washed
> the area around the battery with baking soda and water, we were
> able to find a replacement at a nearby Autozone...
> I shudder to think what might have happened if this battery had
> been under the rear seat, as in one of my Avants.
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