Help - The Bomb

Richard Tanimura richard at
Thu Sep 4 15:40:45 EDT 2003

I have been having a series of problems since rebuilding my servo pump.

1. I have had to change one of the plugs 3 or 4 times in as many months. The
rubber O-ring seems to deform and then rupture causing G002000 to be sprayed
liberally around the motor. An indication of when this is happening is that
I hear a mechanical ticking from the servo pump - rpm dependent just like
mechanical lifters. Anyone else see this deformation? What's the likely

2. This last time, the steering got very heavy and started moaning when I
turned the wheel. This is the normal symptom of being low on pentosin. I
filled up the canister and the moaning disappeared and the wheel feels OK.
But now, I am getting "The Bomb" warning symbol on the instrument panel.
What exactly does the bomb do? Where is it located? Couldn't find a write up
by SJM. Any other place to turn?

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