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Thu Sep 4 07:26:12 EDT 2003

here is the url for the bomb stuff on Scott's site. THe Bomb provides
hyd. pressure for the brake system ( vs a vacuum system on other cars )
this Audi's way of giving you power brakes.
Goto the Bentley on page 47.23 there is a diagram of the brake hyd.
system and on pg 47.24 there is a close up.
I will have to get around to replacing mine one of these days, I get a
brake light on occasion, when stepping on the brake pedal really hard or
turning into the driveway and using the brake.

Chuck Pierce
91 200 tq 20v Avant    needs work.......but don't they all

Richard Tanimura wrote:

>I have been having a series of problems since rebuilding my servo pump.
>1. I have had to change one of the plugs 3 or 4 times in as many months. The
>rubber O-ring seems to deform and then rupture causing G002000 to be sprayed
>liberally around the motor. An indication of when this is happening is that
>I hear a mechanical ticking from the servo pump - rpm dependent just like
>mechanical lifters. Anyone else see this deformation? What's the likely
>2. This last time, the steering got very heavy and started moaning when I
>turned the wheel. This is the normal symptom of being low on pentosin. I
>filled up the canister and the moaning disappeared and the wheel feels OK.
>But now, I am getting "The Bomb" warning symbol on the instrument panel.
>What exactly does the bomb do? Where is it located? Couldn't find a write up
>by SJM. Any other place to turn?
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