Rear brake lubrication

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Thu Sep 4 11:22:07 EDT 2003

At 9:10 AM +0300 9/4/03, Jani Lundqvist wrote:
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>A while a go I came across this swedish Audi site, giving out intructions how
>to install a greasenipple / lubrication thingy to the rear brake calipers,
>lubing the hand brake lever shaft. Sorry to say, but the site is in swedish,
>but some very helpful pictures. Question is, any reason why this shound't be
>done or what should be taken into consideration?

>This was done on a 100, but the theory should work just as well on our cars.

No reason (that I can see) for it not to work "as well" for
us--assuming it actually enhanced reliability of the 100 calipers! I
guess we could ask the author of the article, who invites email
questions about the modification (it's been 3 yrs since he posted the

"Frågor om modifieringen kan mailas direkt till Dusko Kondic."

BTW Jani, the link you gave for the article wouldn't work for me
until I modified it as follows:


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