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Thu Sep 4 11:45:15 EDT 2003

At 2:40 PM +0200 9/4/03, Richard Tanimura wrote:
>I have been having a series of problems since rebuilding my servo pump.
>1. I have had to change one of the plugs 3 or 4 times in as many months. The
>rubber O-ring seems to deform and then rupture causing G002000 to be sprayed
>liberally around the motor. An indication of when this is happening is that
>I hear a mechanical ticking from the servo pump - rpm dependent just like
>mechanical lifters. Anyone else see this deformation? What's the likely

Perhaps this has to do with your technique, which you have described
in a previous post as follows:

"Here is my BTDT. My local wrench taught me this. I replaced all the plugs
and O-ring using a large screwdriver. It was easy and I didn't have to buy
any special drag link tools either."

IMO, this suggests the caps were not tightened to the torque
specifications when you installed them (with your new o-rings). So my
suggestion is to spend a few dollars (kroner?) on a draglink socket,
and do the job right. Also, don't forget to _lubricate_ the new
o-rings (that's another cause of premature failure.)

>I am getting "The Bomb" warning symbol on the instrument panel.
>What exactly does the bomb do? Where is it located? Couldn't find a write up
>by SJM. Any other place to turn?

Your Bentley manual? Audifans archives? Do a search on the term
"bomb" (in SJM's web site) and it will bring up dozens of references
to the "brake accumulator" (i.e., used for power assist). IMHO, it's
a bit dicey to be doing your own maintenance on this critical
hydraulic system before having an understanding of its basic

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