Rear brake lubrication

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Thu Sep 4 11:49:03 EDT 2003

At 10:22 AM 09/04/2003 -0400, Phil Rose wrote:
>At 9:10 AM +0300 9/4/03, Jani Lundqvist wrote:
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>>A while a go I came across this swedish Audi site, giving out intructions how
>>to install a greasenipple / lubrication thingy to the rear brake calipers,
>>lubing the hand brake lever shaft. Sorry to say, but the site is in swedish,
>>but some very helpful pictures. Question is, any reason why this shound't be
>>done or what should be taken into consideration?
>>This was done on a 100, but the theory should work just as well on our cars.
>No reason (that I can see) for it not to work "as well" for
>us--assuming it actually enhanced reliability of the 100 calipers! I
>guess we could ask the author of the article, who invites email
>questions about the modification (it's been 3 yrs since he posted the
>"Frågor om modifieringen kan mailas direkt till Dusko Kondic."
>BTW Jani, the link you gave for the article wouldn't work for me
>until I modified it as follows:
I'm wondering about what grease you could get to inject through a zerk that
would be appropriate for the caliper?  Audi calls for the parking brake
mechanism chamber to be filled with G052150A2, a high-temp lithium
grease.   They supply the stuff in a small plastic tube that, among other
things, says on the label that brake cylinders, pistons, cups and other
parts never should be lubricated with grease, mineral oil or similar products.

My other concern is the amount of pressure one can generate with a grease
gun through a zerk.  could you disturb the mounting of the threaded rod the
piston rides on by overpressuring the parking brake housing?

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