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Bernie Benz b.benz at
Thu Sep 4 09:13:03 EDT 2003

> From: Phil and Judy Rose <pjrose at>
> Perhaps this has to do with your technique, which you have described
> in a previous post as follows:
> "Here is my BTDT. My local wrench taught me this. I replaced all the plugs
> and O-ring using a large screwdriver. It was easy and I didn't have to buy
> any special drag link tools either."
> IMO, this suggests the caps were not tightened to the torque
> specifications when you installed them (with your new o-rings). So my
> suggestion is to spend a few dollars (kroner?) on a draglink socket,
> and do the job right. Also, don't forget to _lubricate_ the new
> o-rings (that's another cause of premature failure.)
Phil, IMO there is absolutely no tech reason that any specific torque need
be applied to these cyl. heads.  They screw into a flat metal to metal
interface and can move no farther, this position leaves the correct squeeze
on the O-ring.  A screw driver can easily achieve this metal to metal
contact and no further torque is needed.  Thus, a drag link socket is not
needed for installation nor for removal, as they can easily be removed with
a chisel if not with a screw driver.


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