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Phil Rose pjrose at
Thu Sep 4 12:51:21 EDT 2003

At 8:13 AM -0700 9/4/03, Bernie Benz wrote:
>Phil, IMO there is absolutely no tech reason that any specific torque need
>be applied to these cyl. heads.  They screw into a flat metal to metal
>interface and can move no farther, this position leaves the correct squeeze
>on the O-ring.  A screw driver can easily achieve this metal to metal
>contact and no further torque is needed.  Thus, a drag link socket is not
>needed for installation nor for removal, as they can easily be removed with
>a chisel if not with a screw driver.

For one thing, using the drag-link socket certainly makes removal of
the caps less likley to create damage--especially if they had
previously been tightened to specs. Yes, I agree it's probably not
necessary to go all the way to the "specified" torque, except that
doing so provides a reliable means to know if adequate tightness was
actually achieved (again, without damaging the caps).  When someone
(e.g.,  Rich) has had do re-do the job several time over because of
leaks, there's reason to suspect all aspects of his
procedure--including the tightening torque used. Do it with a
drag-link and a torque wrench removes all doubts about _that_ aspect
of the job.

IMO, there's scant reason other than an emergency repair (or extreme
poverty/cheapness) to _not_ use the drag-link method and a torque
wrench.  I'll stick to doing (and recommending) my way.


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