shift linkage repair?

Brett Dikeman brett at
Thu Sep 4 13:55:53 EDT 2003

> Mine broke loose and left transmission in 4th gear. Is it possible to
> get linkage repaired at home?

Was the shifter getting progressively sloppier and sloppier, going into odd or
even gears but not vise versa?

You can peek at the top of the transmission, driver's side, at the selector
shaft- usually the shift linkage collar just pops off when the set bolt
loosens up.  Remove the bolt, clean it, and apply loctite.  Reinstall
partially.  Guide it back on the shaft with a friend- have them try to guide
it into the 4th position.  Tighten the bolt finger tight while wiggling the
linkage a little, and the bolt will re-center.  Tighten down w/wrench, should
be good for quite a while.


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