Racing an Audi, new venue?

Chris Payne cbpldc at
Thu Sep 4 19:18:48 EDT 2003

We will be running an almost stock 1986 Coupe GT in not only ITB (SCCA), bu=
t GTS1 as well.  Our other coupe will be a firebreathing 10V Turbo (1985 Co=
upe GT) with EFI and a few other goodies and it will run in one of the high=
er classes.  I'm talking with a couple of the tech guys rights now about wh=
ere our mods will put us.  Look for the stock one to be running about this =
time next year, and the firebreather a year after.  We've got the cars, we =
just need fundage to bring them up to spec.


--- "Brett Dikeman" <brett at> wrote:
>> I'm already talking to these guys about entering a couple of cars of my =

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